"Lyubou' Popova" - AW19 Inspiration

We took inspirations from Russian constructivism, especially the paintings by 

Lyubou' Popova. 

Constructivism is the organization of the given material on the principles of tectonics, structure and construction, the form becoming defined in the process of creation by the utilitarian aim of the object. We tried to meet the aim of constructivism in our AW19 collection; all pieces are created by the principle of the utilitarian. 

Lyubou'Popova worked principally in two dimensions. Her starting point was Cubism, followed by Futurism. Both principles were interpreted as 'the problems of form' and 'the problem of the movement of colour'. She used the word 'consists of three constructions; the colour, the volumetric and linear. 

Most fundamental principle of AW19 collection is using all aspects of material, volume, space and line, just as Popova has. One of principles, volume, as constructivist's work is in general, geometrical and non-mimetic. We used geometrical pattern to create new volume and silhouette. Randomly cut rectangular fabrics have collapsed and created a  new volume which produced a new way of making tailoring. 




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