Interview with Niklas Haze - AW19 Lookbook

On 18th Feb 2019, the AW19 Look book was shot by Niklas Haze, who always having a strong connection to Documentary Photography, which enables people to drive into different cultures and worlds. Young and talented photographer from Berlin, based in London

We spoke to Niklas about the process of shooting a look book and the concept behind this beaut for J. JS LEE

How does shooting a look book differ to your usual photoshoot?

The Days are longer. Haha. I guess it is also a bit less creative than shooting editorials. 

Your other projects are specific to your interests - is it difficult to turn up and be led by the brand rather than your own ming?

No. Sometimes it's nice to follow someone else's direction, especially when the brand & yourself share a similar vision.

Something to remember when shooting a look book? Or perhaps what advise would you give to someone before they shoot one?

Stay consistent. 

Would you say that this was something that is out of your comfort zone?

Definitely a bit. I normally shoot editorials where i can explore myself and be crazy. Also most of my work so far is shot in the studio. 

Are props and styling when it comes to a look book?

I think in the fashion industry in general it always helps to have a strong team behind everything. Good styling definitely helps. Same as props. 




Would you rather style something as well as shoot it?

I love the thought of putting outfits together and create an image from scratch all by myself, but i think there are so many talented stylists out there and like i said if you work in a team the result will always be better. 

What was the best thing that happened while you were shooting?

My dog Chai smiled at me. 

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